Holy Toledo!

I have loved the tours we’ve been going on. On Saturday our group did a small panoramic tour of Toledo and then bus driver stopped for a few moments at the top of a hill so we could look at the gorgeous view. The moment I stepped out I knew I would really like this place. The buildings were so beautiful. After we got back onto the bus we went another mile or two and then we were dropped off to begin our 3 hour walking tour.

As we were ascending the hill, our tour guide pointed out these tiles on some of the walls along the road. They represented the Jewish community among the people in Toledo. I thought that was very interesting. The architecture is this city was unbelievable. And to think for how long some of these buildings and cathedrals have been standing.

We moved along to the monastery called San Juan de los Reyes meaning Saint John and the Kings. This cathedral had a lot of history and it was quite fascinating. So here it goes. The monastery was built by King Fernando and Queen Isabel to commemorate the birth of their son Prince John and after winning the battle of Torro in 1476. The chains hanging from the outside of the cathedral represent the chains that were taken off of the freed prisoners. Inside of the monastery was the cloister. It was filled with beautiful greenery. Then, upstairs there were wooden tiles on the ceiling. The f and y stood for Fernando and Isabel. Isabel used to be spelled with a Y and then it eventually changed to the I.

We eventually left the monastery and walked around some more and marveling at the amazing views. We also got to see an amazing cathedral. I would loved to have met the architects who built this magnificent building. It really was breathing taking. Eventually our tour ended and my friends and I sat down for lunch. This is where I had my first Gazpacho. It was accompanied with bread, onions and tomatoes that you could add into if you wanted. Of course I did!

Natalie and I ventured off to do some shopping where I bought some postcards. The streets are very narrow and there are a lot of interesting shops. We eventually were bused to our enormous hotel and I laid outside by the pool. The sun was very warm but it felt really good. The evening then began with a 3 hour meeting about academics and housing placement. We had free time afterwards so Alex, Jordan and I ventured back out to Toledo where we shared tapas and I ate SHARK!! Honestly, it was very good. A very successful day indeed!


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