Beach Time

I’ve been in Malaga for officially 4 days now. My host family, Emma and Ricardo, picked me up from the train station when we arrived in Malaga. They were so excited to meet me. The second after we met Emma took my hand and that’s how we talked back to the apartment. The city was very quiet during that time because everything for the most part is generally closed on Sundays. It was about a 10 minute walk to the apartment. I could then finally put my suitcases and bags down and not have to worry about picking them up for another 4 months. They’ve been quite heavy lugging around a 34 pound suitcase but my backpack and a dufflebag. They showed me around the apartment and then I got to eat. I was so excited. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day and then you have a siesta. Generally most businesses close from 1:30 to about 5:00. This gives people time to go home, eat and take a nap. Then it’s back to work until around 8:00 pm.  Ricardo made me chicken and french fries. Spain’s fries taste so much better than US fries, don’t ask me why.

I’ve learned to take public transportation to school. It’s about a 25 minute bus ride. Instead of getting on the bus right near my apartment I walk to Plaza de Marina to meet my friends and we take the bus together.  I had to take my placement test and an interview for school on Monday. After that, we had a two hour break. We found out that the beach was a block away from school. So my friends and I hung out on the beach until we had to go back to class. We also had a small walking tour of Malaga. The other director Iker, showed us around Malaga which included points of interest for instance, Picasso’s house.

Yesterday was my birthday! I had class until 2 yesterday and then my friends and I headed to the beach until about 7:00 pm. Emma packed my friends and I a picnic lunch with sandwiches, snacks and dessert. It was so good. The water was perfect and I got some great color. After we left the beach I had to go pick up a book at the bookstore for class. I was so excited to see that it wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg to buy. My family had food ready for me when I got home. We usually have dinner around 9:00 pm. Emma made homemade empanadas. They were muy delicioso. After dinner, Ricardo came walking out with bowl of ice cream and palm tree sticking out of it. It was really cute. And then they sang to me! They’ve treated me really well. I can’t wait to do some exploring this weekend since I have a 3 day weekend!!


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