Santa Maria Victoria

Yesterday Emma took me to the Procession of Santa Maria Victoria. It was outside of the cathedral. Some time soon I will go in there. The procession out of the church took almost an hour for everyone to walk out from start to finish. Every church in Málaga was there and they each had their own flag and a few people to represent the church. The colors were incredible. It was like I was at a fashion show. They also had three bands play. I’m glad I got to go. Emma and I also took a nice long walk and went to the beach where we picked stones and seashells. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the apartment. After lunch, I went back again to catch some sun.

I have officially finished my first week of class. I have three really great teachers. They make the classes enjoyable. There are 8 of us total in the class which makes for a more intimate discussion. Among the many lessons of grammar and listening to audio, we’ve learned a lot about the culture. We learned about Spain’s New Year which is called Noche Vieja. To bring in the new year no matter where you are, especially in  Málaga, they have a bowl of 12 grapes. When the clock strikes 12, each time it chimes they eat a grape. This signifies having good luck for all 12 months of the new year. I thought that was so interesting.



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