Yesterday, I took a day trip to Benalmadena. My mom stays there every year and wanted to make sure that I visited. I only went to the beach this time around. What I saw was spectacular. I visited friends of hers at the beach bar they work at, Malibu Beach Bar. It was a two minute walk to the train station from my house. Then I took a 25 minute train ride from there to Torremuelle and walked down the hill towards the ocean. In a few short blocks and several confusing traffic circles, I was there. The view was absolutely breathtaking. You’d never know it was there unless you were trying to look for it. There’s flowers and palm trees surrounding it. It was absolute paradise. They have these large beds and couches outside that you can relax on. There was a birthday party going on so most of the beds were taken so I chose to take over a very large couch. I was able to introduce myself to my mom’s friends Toby and Pepe. They were as sweet as could be. I spoke in all Spanish with Pepe. I was so proud of myself.  It was nice to finally be apart of the action and see why my mom loves this place so much.

I plan on going again next weekend so I can explore some more. There’s so much more to see!!


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