Marina Boat Ride

Last week my group and I went on a boat ride around the bay in Malaga. The weather was perfect for it. Getting out to where we needed to be was a bit of a challenge. Needless to say if you were standing, it wasn’t for long. It felt like we were flying through the air more than we were actually on the water. Luckily, I had my sea legs so I could move with the boat if it had a mind of its own. The captain had the radio on and all we heard was American music. I still have not gotten used to hearing the Top 40 here. I was expecting to hear Spanish music. That’s what I came for!

At some point we turned the boat around and Iker (our ISA director) asked if we wanted to drive the boat. Por supuesto!!! (of course!!!!) Natalie went first and she did really well. Then, it was my turn. The captain let me wear his captain’s hat. It was pretty cool. We were talking in Spanish about where I was from and if I liked Malaga. The guys drove the boat after us and quite frankly if we were caught in a jam I’d leave it up to Natalie and I to save us. haha. They put us into some rough waters on the way back.

On my way home I picked up postcards!! They will be mailed out tomorrow. Snail mail at its finest, they should be there in about two weeks.


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