Sorpresas (Surprises)

Morgan is my new roommate for the next three months. We’ve hit it off really well. My hope is that she and I will have a class together. I’ve been taking her around town for the past two days. I’ve so glad I did the Intensive Month of Spanish. It has helped me tremendously. I am much more comfortable than I was the first day I stepped off that train. I was talking to my director about this last week. I have made such leaps and bounds since I arrived. Sometimes it’s best to look at the bigger picture from where it all began. Now I can pass on all of my knowledge and wisdom to Morgan.

You would never know that all these pictures were taken on the same day. Regardless of sun or not, the weather fared well for Morgan and I on our trek up to the top of Alcazaba. It was really steep; however, definitely well worth the effort. The view was spectacular. Iker said that it is one of the best places to view the sunset. I will absolutely be going back up again.

I cannot contain the excitement any longer. Today was a huge success for me. As many of you know I finished my Intensive Month today and took my 3 exams. I have now moved up to Advanced!! I’m so excited about that. Now I can officially take classes in Spanish. I’ll be taking 4 classes. 3 in Spanish and 1 in English. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now the real work begins and I can show this school what I’m made of! I’ll keep you all updated as the weeks progress




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