Daniel comes to Spain!!


My loving cousin Daniel came for a week to visit me!! I was so thrilled to have him here. Unfortunately my time with him was limited due to me being under the weather for most of the week. However, the times we did spend together were priceless as always. He rented a car for the week and we traveled the southern coast of Spain.  We visited some places in the Benalmadena pueblo, Mijas, Fuengirola just to name a few. We tried all different types of food. I was able to show him around in Malaga. We went to two different teterias (tea houses) which have now become my personal favorites. I love the atmosphere, it’s so calming and relaxing.


One thought on “Daniel comes to Spain!!

  1. Natalia, it is wonderful to see the refective thoughts you are experiencing! I know it can be challenging when you feel you have so much to share about your amazing experience and no one to experience it with. I am emailing you a couple tools to help you navigate these feelings and prepare for your return home….your host mom is right – live every experience you have while you have it! make the memories memorable. 🙂 Fern

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