Granada was absolutely spectacular. I loved the city. Last weekend our packed ourselves onto the bus and headed for Granada. It was an hour and a half bus right with amazing views of the mountains. And of course not to mention the trillions of olive trees that cover the dry landscape. When we arrived we immediately started with a walking tour which included the cathedral where Isabel and Ferdinand are buried. We were able to see the tombs. I thought that was pretty neat. Iker taught us about some of the history of the squares in Granada and we got a sneak peek of the Alhambra. After all of this we had a 6 hour break until we had to meet up at 8. Some of the girls and I walked around and we did some shopping. Later on, a big group of us got together for tapas.

Iker and Heidi said they had a surprise for us which included walking up to see a grand view of the Alhambra at night. It was gorgeous. Then, afterwards they took us to a Flamenco show in a cave. I loved the dancing. I was honestly mesmerized by it all. I would catch myself staring at their handy foot work. I couldn’t understand how they could wear all those layers of clothing, After dancing for about 5 minutes they were absolutely soaked. The men were just as impressive if not more than the women. They wore very snazzy outfits.

The next day we had free time first which consisted of Morgan and I walking around the city some more, taking pictures and some shopping. Somehow we managed to run into half our group and ended up going out to lunch before we had to catch our bus. Luckily we drove up to the Alhambra. I think if we had to walk it we’d still be there haha. Once we arrived we were split into two groups and started our 3 hour walking tour with our guides. The gardens were gorgeous. All different types of flowers with brilliant colors.  I loved the architecture of all the buildings and how well preserved they are.

I must say that Granada was a very successful trip and I am excited to return with my mom in December!




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